Lax Traders Stringing Hall of Fame


Stringer: Patrick B

Instagram @lockportstringdoctor

Head: deBeer Rapture Women's Traditional

Autism 2mm Crosslace, Gopher Lax Leathers


Stringer: Matt P

Instagram @top_string_ 

Head: Gait Rapture

Mesh: Autism Single Diamond GOAT Autism Autism 2.5mm sidewall

Autism Flat Puzzle Shooters

pita hemp.JPG

Stringer: Patrick B.

Instagram: @lockportstringdoctor

Head: Maverik Prep (box)

HEMP 2mm Crosslace/Gopher Lax Leathers

Traditional Pita 

Gopher hemp_edited.jpg

Stringer: Kevin H

Instagram: @gopherlax5

Head: Brine Clutch Elite

Gopher Lax Leathers, HEMP 2mm crosslace, Deertan Shooters

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