NIKE CEO w/Mesh Dynasty Force Rhombus

NIKE CEO w/Mesh Dynasty Force Rhombus

Brand New NIKE CEO strung up with Mesh Dynasty Force Rhombus mesh (strung up by our volunteer Max @greenstarlacrosse).


The Nike CEO head is one of the most popular releases from Nike for several good reasons. First of all, it weighs in at a very competitive 4.9 ounces. The design of the head is responsible for this. It has a pinched scoop that is great for groundballs but also improves accuracy when throwing.


The narrow throat of the Nike CEO head has made it a favorite for many face-off players.  It is also popular among FOGO’s because it flexes well and remains in its intended shape.  Regardless of position, this head will perform. It is lightweight, narrow, can be strung any pocket style, and looks great in all available colors. The CEO is one of several products from Nike that has earned them respect amongst elite players.  Credit - Universal Lacrosse




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