"Midnight Marble" Brine Clutch Elite Custom Dye

"Midnight Marble" Brine Clutch Elite Custom Dye

"Midnight Marble" custom dyed Brine Clutch Elite.  Dyed by a young artist named Louis (@blackhawkdyes) this came out a beauty!!! A deep dark blue marble fade to black gives a total feeling of playing at midnight, in the dark :)


Strung up with a custom hand dyed piece of Autism Inspired G.O.A.T Mesh with some puzzle shooters.


"When we first received the Clutch Elite X from Brine, our Pro's immediately noticed several key features that set this head apart from others. First the new Core Tech makes this head extremely light, allowing offensive players to rip fast and accurate shots. We also loved the strength to weight ratio here. The unique placement of the stringing holes allowed us to put the pocket where we wanted it, something all players can really appreciate. Overall this is a premium head, one that is great for the college or high school level and is sure to be one of our best sellers." (credit Lax.com)


Legal for all levels of play.


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