Epoch Prequel USA w/Classic"Rock-It Pocket" Tribute 001

Epoch Prequel USA w/Classic"Rock-It Pocket" Tribute 001

Epoch Prequel strung up in Classic "Rock-it Pocket" style in honor of the creator of the Rock-It Pocket, Flip Naumburg.  Sadly Flip passed away in 2018 and we were able to secure the remaining USA Dyed Epoch Prequel and Hawk heads and traditional stringing material from Flip's family.  We asked our stringers to string these heads in tribute to Flip.  Patrick of Lock Port String Doctor (IG: @lockportstringdoctor) created this version and you can see the ball pocket mid-high; the ball will stay there pefectly everytime.  There is a little upkeep involved with a Rock-It Pocket, or any traditional pocket, but they will last a lifetime and serve you well.


"The Rock-it Pocket was originally designed to, in effect, narrow the face opening or width of any lacrosse head by making the ball naturally sit and stay in the middle of the pocket and in only one specific pre-structured spot while the pocket itself moves when cradled to rock the ball safely inside the stick head. A powerful cradling motion with the Rock-it Pocket makes the ball very difficult for a defender to dislodge because the pocket tucks the ball in when cradled.


The center leathers that surround and hug the ball then work to track it to a quick, consistent release point when throwing. This part of the design really promotes shooting accuracy and consistency. The pocket is built in a way so that the space between the two center leathers is reduced or narrowed as the ball travels upward in the pocket. This helps to lift the ball as it approaches its release point." - Flip Naumburg


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