Autism Solid Carbon Fiber Puzzle Shaft w/Rocket Mesh Tape Saver End

The first of our Autism Branded products is now available.  Check out this solid carbon fiber attack/middie shaft, weighing in right around 165 grams.   Solid design for extra strength, 30", fits most heads, will not fit heads that have shaft inserts like Warrior Burn FO.


Available in 2 options.


Puzzle Shaft octagon with smooth finish

Puzzle Shaft concave with sanded grip finish


PLUS all of our Autism Awarenss shafts come with a Rocket Mesh Tape Saver butt end (compliments of Rocket Mesh) Note;  We cannot guarantee the color of the butt end.


PLUS PLUS you'll get a pair of our prototype Snake Skin Shooters.  They're prototypes, they need some tweaking but try them out on us.


(Up to 100% of your donation/purchase may be tax deductible, please consult your tax professional.  Lax Traders Inc. does not give tax advice)

  • Additional Info

    Due to the variety of head designs and screw placements, these shafts do NOT have pre dilled holes.  We suggest using a 5/16 drill bit starter hole and then using a self tapping screw (provided)

  • Warranty

    6 month warranty with proof of purchase.  Normal wear and tear excepted and we reserve the right to deny warranty replacement due to malicious use.

$79.00 Regular Price
$54.00Sale Price
Puzzle Shaft